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Lower Back Pain: [8] Inflammatory Foods You Must Keep Away

processed meat - Lower Back Pain LBC
Lower back pain is a health problem that most people suffer from, it affects their daily activities and makes them feel very painful when standing or walking.

If you are feeling with lower back pain, don't think that pain killers will help you only. The pain relievers will decrease the pain but don't lead to treatment from lower back pain. You need to change your diet to improve your case. Do you know that your diet may increase the inflammation and pain in your back area? In some cases, a person's diet may affect and increase the pain, because some foods have an inflammatory effect and stimulate the human body to release substances that increase the inflammation and as the result increase the pain, so if you have lower back pain, you should reconsider what you eat. You need to change your diet and avoid unhealthy food that harms your body, increases your weight, the inflammation, and the pain.

Foods lead to inflammation

You should avoid in your diet the foods that may increase the pain in the lower back. When you choose what you eat, you must avoid the foods that increase AGE (advanced glycation end product), it is a toxin substance and appears when certain foods are fired, pasteurized, grilled, or heated. The mechanism of AGEs in increasing the inflammation is by destroying certain proteins in the human body, the body will try to destroy AGEs by releasing cytokines; cytokines have an inflammatory effect, so increase the inflammation and pain at the lower back. The pain at lower back area may be increased due to overweight, so it is important to avoid the unhealthy foods that lead to obesity.

The forbidden foods with lower back pain

food fats - lower back pain
You should avoid certain foods in your diet for several reasons; first, these unhealthy foods will increase your weight and this is a risk factor to increase your lower back pain, second these foods will stimulate your body to increase the inflammatory substances like cytokines, so will trigger the inflammation and you will suffer from a severe pain. We call these foods: the inflammatory foods. Here are the inflammatory foods that you should avoid.

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  • Fats

Fats are found in fast food, fried products, ready-made snacks, frozen breakfast products, as well as cookies, cakes, and biscuits. You must check the ingredients label for food before you buy it, and avoid foods that contain partially hydrogenated oils.
Also, take care of foods that contain Omega 6 fatty acids, where these fatty acids are especially found in cooking oils such as corn oil, which can cause damage to the body and health problems. These oils get worse when exposed to high heat, light or air. Therefore, when preparing a salad or pasta dish, a healthy alternative such as olive oil can be used to avoid the health damage that can result from eating this type of fat that may cause great inflammation and increase the pain.
And avoid the saturated fats which lead to inflammation and an indicator of many diseases like heart disease and cancer, it worse the case of lower back pain. Pizza and cheese are one of the largest sources of saturated fat; also include meat products especially red meat, full-fat dairy products, and pasta dishes.

  • Fries

Lower Back Pain LBC - fries
Fries are considered very harmful compared to grill or boiled foods; they increase the exposure to free radicals that cause damage to the body, increase inflammation, and pain.

  • Corn

lower back pain - pop corn
Despite the many benefits of corn, it is not recommended in case of lower back pain because it increases the inflammation and leads to severe pain. So try to avoid the foods that contain corn oil and reduce the intake of cornflakes.

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  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are a risk factor to inflammations at the human body besides increasing the weight which may affect the lower back pain. You should reduce the carbohydrates in your diet to control the weight and avoid the inflammation.
Lower Back Pain LBC - carbohydrates

  • Sugars

Eating foods containing high levels of sugar will cause long-term inflammation in the body. Therefore, if you eat foods rich in sugar, be sure to limit the amount of sugar you used daily.

  • Preservatives and salts

preservatives - lower back pain
Many foods contain preservatives to increase their shelf life, in addition to excess salt consumption either by adding it directly, or as a preservative in many ready-made products you buy from the supermarket, can increase the free radicals, lead to inflammation, and pain. So it would be helpful to reduce salt intake and check food labels to make sure they are free from preservatives and contain a low amount of salt.

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  • Processed meats

It is a high-risk factor to inflammation at the human body due to containing high level of nitrates and nitrites as preservatives, so avoid beef, burger, and other processed meats in your diet.

  • Alcohol

no alcohol no cigarettes - lower back pain
Alcohol intake is a risk factor to inflammation and several diseases. So get rid of alcohol intake and replace it with healthy juices that are rich in useful vitamins and minerals.

If you are a smoker, it is very important to stop smoking because tobacco causes inflammation and several dangerous diseases. To avoid bad habits like alcohol intake and tobacco smoking may help you to improve your lower back pain condition.

Finally, lower back pain is not reduced and treated by medications only; you should change your lifestyle by changing your diet and replace these inflammatory foods with healthy foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients.
Also, you need to change your habits and have a healthy regimen that is full of vitality, energy, and activity. You must stop alcohol intake and tobacco smoking, as well as avoid other risk factors that increase the inflammation at the lower back area and worsen the pain you feel.
lower back pain - lose weight
It is very important to keep the perfect weight and avoid the foods that lead to obesity. With a healthy lifestyle, your lower back pain will end easily.