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Lower Back Supports: Tips you Really Don't Want to Miss

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Back pain, one of the century’s ills. We are spending more and more hours on a chair, every year, at work as much as at home. It is almost sure that the number of people with some back pain is increasing drastically.

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You know that your back is the most part responsible of your body’s bones. Therefore, it is the most solicited all day long. It is noteworthy to have a healthy back, because it is the part of our body that is most exposed to the various tensions and ailments that we can suffer every day. One must take care of his lower back and spine, so as to prevent any pain or disease, which are certainly your enemies in this life.

To avoid damaging your back, nothing very complicated, just adopt a proper posture, recognize the good gestures of manual handling to solicit the least possible your lower back.

So, what to choose: Pillows or Orthopedic Mattress?

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We always point to our mattress when suffering a lower back pain. However, these pains can come from the use of a worn or inadequate pillow.
It is accurate that a firm and resistant mattress helps relieve back pain, but sometimes we have to consider trying a new pillow.
This solution is significantly less expensive than a mattress and can indeed aid you.
When we position ourselves comfortably on our pillows, we often forget their essential function that is to support the spine.

Pillows bear the name of ergonomic or orthopedic pillows, and some of them are excellent for the health of vertebrae.
Lower Back Supports - Tips you Really Don't Want to Miss

A pillow is more than supporting your neck or your head. It additionally allows your spine to adopt its natural position, commonly called "neutral position", which consists on alignating the neck, all the back and of course the lower back and lumbar region. If your head is positioned higher or lower than this "neutral position", there will certainly be more tension between your neck and lower back.
That’s why the best pillows are able to position and level up your head with your spine. It is precisely this positioning that helps to prevent the risk of back pain.

lower back supports belts

Lumbar belts

The back is solicited all day because it is an essential articulation to all our movements.
The spine ensures the maintenance and good mobility of many parts of the body, since the cervical support the weight of the head, the movements of the arms and shoulders are conditioned by the dorsal vertebrae. The lumbar spine supports all the topmost part of the anatomy.

The lower back is simply your body part that is more suffering from moderate to acute pain. The Orthopedic Belts may protect your spine and promote a push up and down, pushing to an immediate relief. They therefore cause an analgesic effect. It calms the pain and equally contributes to the relaxation and the muscle relaxation.

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The benefits of the lumbar belt are based on three mechanisms of action:
  • An increase in intra-abdominal pressure, achieved by rebalancing the pressures and loads on the intervertebral discs. It is this weight distribution that allows a sudden relief of lower back pain, because the abdominal muscles are then in solidarity with those of the spine.
  • A posture reminder, a limitation of the range’s motion. The belt plays a role of "guardian", since it prevents the wearer from making extreme and harmful movements to the back.
  • Proprioceptive stimulation: sensitization of the patient's muscles and nerves to the adoption of proper postures that prevent the occurrence of pain, as well as stability of the vertebral posture by a patient and muscle building.