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Hydrotherapy : Why you should try it for your low back pain

Hydrotherapy  Why you should try it for your low back pain (2)

Hydrotherapy :  Thalassotherapy’s Principle Source

Using water in therapy is called Hydrotherapy. It is a natural technique to prevent or treat diseases through an external or internal use of water. It is an ancient technique already practiced by Greeks and Egyptians since ancient times.

Hydrotherapy treatments use various techniques such as baths (pool and bathtubs), wraps (a mixture of seawater and marine mud applied on the body), jet shower, walking bath, mineral drink’s cure.
Thalassotherapy is a therapeutic technique born from hydrotherapy that require the use of the resources and benefits of seawater in a privileged site. It is used for healing or preventive purposes. People from all around the world consider it as a good relief for back problems, and treat their body in its deepest different functions.

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The effectiveness of Thalassotherapy can be summed up in four points: its power, its richness, its diversity and its duration. It is inseparable from its three natural resources: seawater, climate and algae.
Thalassotherapy’s special treatments are designed in a preventive and not a curative way because it cannot be undertaken during acute crises. It allows you to acquire some basic rules for a better lifestyle and to adopt good reflexes to relieve your back.
Special thalassotherapy’s back pain treatment:
The special thalassotherapy back treatment allows you to relearn the good habits on a daily basis and to relieve back pain. Thanks to thalassotherapy, the marine environment brings you all its virtues for a permanent well-being.

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thermalism hydrotherapy - Lower Back Pain
If you suffer from chronic back pain that is usually caused by stress and fatigue, you will surely be interested in special thalassotherapy back treatment formulas. To remedy your problems, a medical visit is essential before following any cure. Thalassotherapy is proven to have some effects in managing back pain. The special thalassotherapy back treatment should be under the direction of a physiotherapist to take your back pain seriously. In addition, massages are very important in this treatment. They allow you to relieve your pain, to relax and regain total well-being.

Thalassotherapy against back pain:

Thalassotherapy is the treatment of osteoarthritis, a chronic degenerative disorder whose most frequent locations are the back, knee and hip.
Recommended for inflammatory rheumatism, manifested by pain during movement.
People suffering from joint pain will see their symptoms diminish thanks to the mechanical effect of the jets of water on the body.
It eliminates back pain while toning all your muscles.
It relieves ailments such as rheumatism, varicose veins and all forms of joint and vascular disorders.
It is practicable at home thanks to specific equipment such as hand shower, sauna or steam room.
Seawater heat baths can effectively relax the muscles.
Rich water in sulfur decreases the intensity of the pain and loosens the para-vertebral muscles.

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Some benefits of marine mud and algae: 

Considering that Algae have a very high quantities of mineral salts like iodine, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, fluorine and calcium, it may have a great impact on health as antibacterial, antiviral properties. All benefits like purifying, cleansing, fighting rheumatisms or regulating thyroid gland. In fact, the elements of algae go through the skin so that the body is recharged with vitamins and regains all its vitality.
Some benefits of marine mud and algae - Lower Back Pain
This type of care is favored to relax from daily life stress.
It is also proven that the anti-inflammatory and antalgic properties of seaweed wraps or poultices of marine mud contribute to the relaxation of the painful muscles and decrease the intensity of the lumbar pains.
Lower back pain - spa - thalassotherapy - hydrotherapy

Choose the right spa:

The choice of a thermal spa is based on its therapeutic orientation, and this is partly determined by the nature of the water to which the spa has access. As for the treatments offered, they include various manipulations (massages, physiotherapy) as well as multiple water administration ways.


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