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Low Back Pain : Alternative Healing Techniques You Can Try Now

Lower Back Pain: Truth about Bee Sting Acupuncture; Cupping; Dry Needling; Neuromodulation Techniques as Natural Energy Healing

How true is it that the pain recognized variably become important and suddenly increase its effect on the bearer while those not recognized relatively have less or no significant impact of the person? Whichever ways the pain choose, it really causes emotional imbalance in us.

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lower back pain - electric stimulation

However, pain to some extent is important because it shows how effective the bodies can response to stimulus unlike a person with paralysis which felt absolutely nothing. Think about it, nothing is worse than having excruciated pain and weakness. It drains life out of a person and offers him weakness and rejection. Perhaps the weakest aspect is it immobility effects that restrict an individual from free movement and withheld it power to life.

low back pain treatment healing

On the other hand, healing energy is a form of electromagnetic stimulation with a given frequency or set of frequencies that stimulates the repair of one or more tissues. Energy healing in the direction of the healer focuses the stimulation of electromagnetic energy in the energy field and the physical body of the client. The incentive stimulation of the electromagnetic frequency affects the cellular system of the client, and "the cascade of activities initiated by these signals can provide essential information to the cells and tissues and open information flow channels that coordinate the repair of the process and restore normal function.

Chronic pain without specific cause is the case of pain in the lower back. The pain and the emotional agony of this condition deprive those who appreciate the free gift of "movement" nature. Thus, the bitterness aspect is that lower back injuries often have a significant negative impact on the psychological health of the person. This is due to depression and anxiety caused by chronic pain, reduced movement and indirect separation from friends and family.
Although, pain can be suppressed through two major therapeutic means which are either medication or natural means most especially the lower back pain. However, it is in nature wise that anything consider with less side effect should be the best alternative in solving a particular problem. The more reason we consider natural means of relieving lower back pain as the wisest option anybody can consider. In this article, we will be considering the impact of different condition as a natural energy means of healing lower back pain effect.

Bee Sting

bee sting lower back pain
Bee sting and lower back pain create similar effects on an individual such as temporary severe pain, swelling, redness, heat and itching at the injection site and in some cases with serious complications. They can even be dangerous to life. However, just as bee sting is just a nuisance to some people, it effect can be handle using natural medication.
allergy bee sting - lower back pain
The pain felt from lower back pain like that of bee sting can be suppressed by applying ice on the impact zone (i.e the point where the pain is being felt). This is because ice can reduce swelling. Also, applying bee venom to this part is another natural means of handling lower back pain. Don’t mistake bee venom with bee pollen which is the honey. Although the bee pollen has greater control effect on wound healing, pain, and itching. 

However, some studies have proven how effective bee venom acupuncture has help in controlling non-specific pain felt in the body such as the lower back pain but with scanty scientific prove. Chronic non-specific back pain is considered the most common medical symptom for which patients require complementary and alternative medical treatment, including acupuncture with bee venom. This improves chronic lower back pain in patients, given the intensity of pain, disability and quality of life, with improved serum level. Bee poison can be given for rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, multiple sclerosis, reduced reactions to bees in allergic patients, swollen tendons, and muscle diseases such as fibromyositis and enthesitis. The application of repeated and controlled injections of bee venom beneath the skin causes the immune system to become accustomed to pains and help reduce the severity of back bone.


Cupping therapy has for thousands of years been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of several chronic diseases such as chronic back pain, chronic arthralgia, radiculopathy and respiratory diseases.
This is achieved by holding a cup on the skin or acupuncture points for 10 to 15 minutes or by moving the cup to the skin surface.
Today, an increasing number of patients have shown interest in using cupping therapy to treat low back pain because they consider it to stimulate the free flow of important energy in the body and more effective than Western therapies.

 Although vacuum therapy is considered safe and non-invasive, but the result does not always meet the expectations of therapists and patients. In addition, complications of cupping therapy, such as anemia and skin pigmentation, have also been reported.
cupping low back pain
Warming of the air inside the glass creates a vacuum, and when applied to the skin, the fabric extends towards the cup. It increases blood flow, releases the fascia or connective tissue and is thought to stimulate healing. Suction cups stimulate local circulation qi and blood in the treated area, which solves swelling, pain and tension. By removing surface impurities it removes toxins. From the point of view of Western physiology, cupping releases connective tissue and stimulates blood flow to the surface. The suction pad stimulates tissue relaxation and improves cell-cell communication. Research by the American physiologist and acupuncturist Helene Langevin documented changes on the cellular level with an ultrasound camera. It has been shown that techniques such as cupping, acupuncture relax the tissue and reduce inflammatory markers.

Dry Needling

Back pain is usually a self-limiting disease that is being spontaneously improved over time. However, dry needling therapy used in different study reveals that the efficacy of dry needling in treating chronic lower back pain is significant but with short-term effect. Thus, when combine with other conventional therapies, stimulate quick pain relieve and last longing result without side effect.
dry needling - lower back pain
Dry needle is a procedure in which filiform needles are commonly used in acupuncture used to disable myofacial point shots (MTrP). These trigger points are discrete, focal and irritable spots in the narrow skeletal muscle area. Spikes are painful in compression and can cause pain, referential sensitivity, motor dysfunction and autonomic appearance.

The sudden pressure transition at the initiation site by penetrating the trigger needle or the transverse palpation of the trigger point in the direction of the strained band of muscle fibers causes a decrease in the painful feeling of pain by the body.

Neuromodulation Technique

Neuromodulation apply electrical, chemical and biological technology for treating nervous system problem. This technique improves function and quality of nerves. Life appropriate therapy (tiny electrical impulses) is directed to the nerves along the spinal cord to block the pain signals in the brain.

Neuromodulation involves four modalities of treatment: spinal stimulation, spinal drug delivery systems, brain stimulation, and stimulation of peripheral nerves. These treatments may only be granted or provided by a qualified physician specialized in this type of care

Spinal Cord Stimulation

lower back pain - Spinal Cord Stimulation

The application of spinal cord stimulation technique in treatment of chronic lower back pain stimulates the positive stability relief of axial low back pain. This is treatment is specific in action and predictable. The recent introduction of an independent contact control that allows constant adjustment of the electric field and the configuration of the stimulation field has made the production of paraesthesia lying on the lower back even predictable.

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Spinal Drug Delivery Systems

Pain relieving from the spinal delivery system, also known as intrathecal delivery system, involves the installation of a small pump or catheter that supplies the medications directly to the spinal cord where the signals are painful spread.
Spinal delivery supplies improve pain relief with severe pain individual using fewer medications. In addition, the system may cause less side effects than oral medications because less pain medications are needed to control pain. People who suffer from great pain can often improve their quality of life and participate in day-to-day activities with the help of the system.

Brain Stimulation

Normally, restriction of physical movement cause psychological imbalance in the brain which in turn worsen pain. Using brain stimulated technique affect several neural network in the brain through direct excitation of the brain. 

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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves produces acute analgesic effects with significant impact of reducing or inhibiting chronic lower back pain. It sent an electrical impulse to the nerves or the affected region of the body by acupuncture means to suppress the painful effect.
Peripheral Nerve Stimulation - Lower back pain
Pain can be felt along the nervous path from the spine to the arm or down to the leg. It is thought to cause neuropathy to damage the sensory or motor nerves of the peripheral nervous system. If the cause can be found and reversed, the treatment may allow the nerve to be gradually cured, relieving the pain.