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Low Back Pain During Early Pregnancy : Is It Normal ?

Low Back Pain During Early Pregnancy : Is It Normal ?
The expectation of every married woman after the glamorous event (wedding) is the most precious gift ( i.e having a baby). Inexperience might choose to play its part on the couples while having their first pregnancy or perhaps second or third issue. 
It is definitely a worrisome issue; if not a serious one for a woman of just a few weeks of pregnancy to start having lower back pain. Some women might even ask rhetorically, how horrible it is to have pregnancy due to the intense or mild pain experienced during this period. Least I forgot, aches and pains during pregnancy are common and can make you worried when you don't know if it is normal or not. Well, if there is no bleeding associated with the pain; then it is probably normal. Although, it can be extremely painful if you have a prior history of lower back pain.

Are you scared to death of possible miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, Are you feeling as if you were being hit by a locomotive train due to your back pain, do you feel really bad pain and felt the pain goes into your buttock and down your legs or are you having an interrupted sleep due to lower back pain? If yes; the good news is that as the pain gets more hurt on you, all necessary information you ever needed for pain relief can be a source from this special article writing for women with lower back pain in their early week of pregnancy.

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Who Is Prone To Lower Back Pain?

Not surprisingly, you are most likely to have lower back pain if you have had this kind of pain before, either before you got pregnant or during a previous pregnancy. You are also at higher risk if you have a sedentary lifestyle, are not very flexible, and have a weak back and abdominal muscles. A pregnant woman with twins or more has a great opportunity of serious lower back pain.
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What Does It Mean To Have Back Pain During Pregnancy? 

Pain in the back during pregnancy occurs around the lumbar vertebra in the lower back, above the body at the front of the pelvic. You will probably feel pain in the lower back, maybe if you had such experience before or during your pregnancy. Sometimes, you feel it is over and all of a sudden; the pain surface again.

Is Lower Back Pain Normal During Pregnancy?

If the pain is not associated with bleeding, I guess it is a normal situation for you to have a lower back pain during pregnancy. When your body is prepared for delivery, many related ligaments and joints are loosening up to ease the birth. The position of the bones is changing and adjusting hence back ache as an early pregnancy symptom. 

When to Worry? 

A chronic and severe back pain lasting for more than two weeks really call for attention. Immediately call to contact your healthcare provider if:
- Your pain is aggravated by severe or progressive trauma. 
- One or both legs failed or fluctuate in responding to stimulus.

- You have lower back pain late in the second or third trimester. This may be a sign of premature labor, especially if you had no back pain before.
- Your back pain is accompanied by fever, vaginal bleeding or pain during urination.
- You Lose feeling in the buttocks, groin, genitals, bladder or anus.
- You have pain in the lower back or on the right side below the ribs on one or both sides. This may be a sign of kidney infection, especially if you have fever, nausea, or blood in the urine.

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What Could Be The Causes Of Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy?

You can exert all the blame on your growing uterus and hormonal changes for that horrible back pain during pregnancy. As the uterus develop, it changes its center of gravity and performs the function of stretching and weakening the abdominal muscles and nerves, which in turns affect the position and put pressure on the back. Thus, cause lower back pain. This means that more work will be done by the muscles to the child and increased stress on the joints so that your back may feel up at the end of the day.
Lower back pain - back pain - early pregnancy 4 - arching
Again, lack of night rest during pregnancy could be among those major factors causing lower back pain. Often, pregnant women lie on their side to get some comfort.  Weight belly can be pulling back the muscles, thereby initiating back pain.
At the same time, hormonal changes during pregnancy cause joints and ligaments in connection with your pelvic bones to relax. This makes you feel unstable and causes pain while walking, standing or sitting. 

What Can I Do To Make The Back Pain Less? 

Always Have a Good Diet 

Diet can make a difference. Some nutritionists believe that calcium supplements, potassium and phosphorus can help in relieving pain but be sure to talk to your doctor before taking supplements. A healthy diet that includes fresh fruits and green vegetables, and rich in calcium foods such as milk, cheese or yogurt, can help reduce back pain.


Back pain poses more injury than normal exercise can. When having a back pain, you may feel more like swirling in the bed in the belief that you are relieving yourself from the pain. That is not because the more time you spend on the bed, the more accumulated the pain is and the more intense you get with the pain. Little walk little exercise can really be just what you need. 
Lower back pain - back pain - early pregnancy 3 - exercises
Liaise with your service provider before starting the exercise program; because in some situations you may need to limit your activity or skipping routine altogether. If you are an experienced athlete or beginner, you will probably need to change your training to meet your pregnancy horrible feelings.

Pay attention to your attitude 

Be careful and pay good attention to your attitude at this crucial moment when the pain tends to get out of hand. Your position and attitude in most cases can actually affect or reduce the effect of back pain. Make sure you are upright whenever you are standing or sitting. It is difficult to work as your body changes but try to keep your bottom and shoulders hidden in your back. Avoid arching or putting your hands on your back while walking. Continues indulgent in such act stimulate and support intense lower back pain. Also, avoid standing for so long; if you need to wait for someone or something.

Keep in mind your footwear

Wear comfortable footwear and make sure your shoes have a good arch support. Keep your heels for a while because your abdomen grows and changes in balance, high heels give you the worse position during pregnancy and can cause great pain on your lower back pain. It even increases your chances of stumbling and falling.

Avoid lifting heavy loads

Always bend your knees and lift up things from the squat position to reduce stress on your back. This is not a risk of dragging time. Avoid excessive movements and activities that require bending and twisting such as suction and cloth. If no one else does these jobs, divide the weight of the items you have to bear.

Sleeping on the side

For a good sleep, try sleeping on your side with one or both knees bent and a pillow between your legs. As your pregnancy progresses, use a second pillow or wedge to support your belly. Add a mattress topper or consider switching to a firmer back-mattress support.

Take care of yourself 

Being in a good health condition is the right antidote for lower back pain. Always take care of yourself and maintain the good shape. At least you will feel better when you relax as relaxation helps to deal with discomfort and can be especially useful if back pain is becoming hard.

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Try Heat or cold test

Apply a cold pack or heating pad on the spot of the lower back pain. This can be soothing and support low back pain effect. The two alternative works. Base on your body condition and the available material. The choice is really yours.

Get a Massage

Massage is a good therapy to relieve back pain during pregnancy. Ask your partner or a friend to gently rub or knead your back. This may provide some relief and relaxation.
Safe Yoga Position
Lower back pain - back pain - early pregnancy 5 - massage
Relax your mind and then consider physical and mental health benefits available from practicing yoga.
In conclusion, you are not alone in this horrible situation trying to steal the joy of our motherhood. More than two-thirds of pregnant women suffer from lower back pain, especially back pain in the pelvis and hind area of your spine. You may have back pain in early pregnancy, but usually, begins in the second half of pregnancy and may worsen as your pregnancy progresses. It can also exist after the baby arrives, but the postpartum pain in the back usually disappears within a few months.