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Home Quick Relief from Lower Back Pain

Home Quick Relief from Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, there are a few simple but effective things that you can do to get quick relief from lower back pain. We all may have suffered from this condition at some point of time in our lives. What’s more, we tend to spend a lot of money paying for physician visits and rehabilitation. Lower back pain is also the biggest cause of work related disabilities and is a major neurological health issue as well.

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A simple but effective 5 to 10 exercises

The good news is that a few simple strategies can help you overcome your condition. The first thing that you can do to get immediate relief is to lie on your back with both your legs positioned at right angles on a raised platform such as a chair. Next, place your hands on your stomach and keep the palms facing upwards. Now it is time for you to breathe from the stomach and at the same time you need to allow your lower back to relax. Holding this position for between five and ten minutes will do wonders for you lower back pain.

Improve your posture

Lower back pain - improve your posture

Lower back pain often is the result of flexion or a poor posture. This is how you can get relief. First of all, kneel on the ground with your feet placed beneath your shoulders. Allow your back and head to relax and make them face the ground. Bring your shoulder blades close together and ensure that you arch your back. With elbows straight you will need to move your hips so that they stop being aligned with your knees. Holding this position for between one and two minutes will help provide immediate relief from lower back pain.

Lie on the back

A third option available to you is to lie on the back. Allow one of your legs to rest on an elevated platform and hold the knees at ninety degrees to the body. Align your legs with your shoulders and hips. Hold this position for ten minutes and see how quickly your lower back pain disappears.
lower back pain - lie on the back - elevate knees

Lie on the stomach

Finally, you should try another exercise, which can provide immediate relief. In this exercise you need to lie on the stomach. Make sure that your feet are pigeon toed. Place your elbows on a book or raised block and ensure that your hands are positioned like you are telling someone not to shoot you. With shoulders in a level position you need to start breathing deeply. At the same time, allow your upper body to relax as much as possible. Now, let your body to fall to the floor and hold this position for six minutes. The results are truly impressive.
The key resides in maintaining the proper curve of spine.

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People who suffer from acute lower back pain will do well to minimize the time spent in sitting. If you do have to sit, then you should only do so for between ten and fifteen minutes. Also, when sitting, you should use a back support and also make sure that your hips and your knees are positioned at ninety degrees to each other.
Lower back pain - sitting
When sitting it also pays to sit at the very end of your seat and you also should assume a slouching position. Next, pull yourself up and heighten the curve of your back as far as you possibly can. Hold this position briefly and then release the position. This sitting position will do much to alleviate your lower back pain.


It is also important to assume the correct standing position. At the very least, you must stand with your head and shoulders straight. Keep your chest forward and balance your weight equally on both feet. Tuck your hips in and do not stand in the same position for too long. When standing, it also makes sense to raise one foot by putting it on a box or stool. Do this for both feet and switch from one foot to the other after a couple of minutes.

Lifting objects

It is also a good idea to not lift heavy objects. In case you do need to lift an object then avoid lifting any awkward objects. Do not try to lift objects that weigh more than 30 pounds. If you do need to lift a heavy object, then make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the ground. When picking, try to keep your back straight and only bend the knees and hips. Never bend forward at the waist when your knees are straight.

Reaching overhead

If you need to reach overhead then make sure that you place a footstool on which you can step to ensure that you are the same level as the object that you want to reach. Also, try to place your body as close to the object as is possible. Lift the object with both hands and make sure that you don’t lift an object that is too heavy.

Correct sleeping position

The best way to cope with lower back pain is by assuming the correct position when sleeping or lying down. Be sure to sleep on a firm mattress and make sure that your body does not sink and sag into the mattress. Try placing a board beneath the mattress to ensure that the mattress does not sag. When sleeping, be sure that the curve of your back is in a proper position. 
best mattress - lower back pain

Never try to sleep on the side with the knees close to your chest. And, when you stand up from a lying down position you should turn on the side and pull your knees up. Next, swing the legs over the side of the bed and push your body into a sitting position. Now it is safe to get up off the bed. Finally, never try to bend forward at the waist when getting up.

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