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Back Pain Relief : Good Habits to Reduce Pain

Lower back pain can be caused by certain bad habits that are known to put strain and stress on the lower back muscles and joints. If you want to avoid lower back pain then the following tips will help you achieve your objective. Almost four out of every five persons suffers from pain in the lower back region at some point of time in their lives. Most often, the condition arises because we behave in a certain way over and over again. These repetitive behaviors stress the body and cause pain in the lower back region.
Back Pain Relief : Good Habits to Reduce Pain

Exercising lower back

If you want to overcome lower back pain or if you want to prevent the condition then you need to stop doing certain things. First of all, you have to start exercising. In particular it helps if you exercise your abdominal region, as doing so helps to improve your posture and minimize lower back pain problems. The best exercises include Pilates or a good core strengthening activity that will help to make your back muscles more stable. It also helps if you perform cardiovascular exercises like swimming or walking, as these allow you to move your body in the right way. That in turn helps to make your body more flexible.

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Maintain the right posture

Secondly, you need to improve your posture. A bad posture is a leading cause of stress on the spine and muscles. The stress caused by a bad posture will change the characteristics of your spine for the worse. It helps if you learn to stand with your knees bent ever so slightly. In this position you can place one of your feet forward because that helps to reduce pressure on the back.
Back Pain Relief : Good Habits to Reduce Pain 1

Pick objects carefully

Thirdly, if you have to pick up an object you must learn to do so properly. This in turn requires you to bend the knees and then using the power in your legs you can lift the object while ensuring that its weight is as close to your body as possible. Do not twist your body when lifting a weight, as this is a sure way of causing lower back pain.

Maintain the right body weight

An overweight person is more likely to develop lower back pain as compared to someone with the correct body weight. When you have too much flab on the midsection of your body it changes the center of gravity of your body and strains the back muscles further. It therefore makes sense to keep your body weight within ten pounds of the ideal body weight for your height. Eating healthy foods also helps to maintain correct body weight.

Do not smoke

Smoking is a bad habit because it curtails the amount of blood that flows to the discs in your vertebrae. This causes the discs to degenerate quickly and when that happen you are more likely to develop lower back pain. When you smoke cigarettes your body is not able to absorb calcium and this weakens the spine and causes lower back pain.

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Back Pain Relief : Good Habits to Reduce Pain 2

Calcium and vitamin D

Finally, if your body does not get sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D it can weaken the bones and cause pain in the lower back. Also, people who live sedentary lives are also more prone to developing back pain. Being active on the other hand will send more blood to the affected area and will reduce inflammation and also lessen muscle tension. All these factors help to minimize the risk of developing lower back pain.