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Always Stretching For Lower Back Pain Relief

Sometimes, lower back pain can cause a devastatingly sore feeling. Sometimes, it becomes hard for you to get up from bed. Certain stretching exercises can provide relief from lower back pain. There are several other options available including strengthening the core and performing aerobic exercises. Stretching however can and will do wonders for your lower back pain.

Even the gentlest of stretching exercises can provide relief. In fact, such exercises are known for providing very rapid relief. Here is a look at some useful stretching exercises. However, before you get started it is important for you to do a warm up. Remember to hold the stretch position for between ten and thirty seconds. The longer you hold the stretch position the more relief you will get. Also, never try to rush the moves and also try to listen to some soothing music as this allows you to relax and unwind.

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Always Stretching For Lower Back Pain Relief

Children’s pose

The children’s pose is a very common yoga posture that helps in stretching your contracted lower back muscles. To assume this pose, it is important that you put your hands as well as your knees on the ground. Keep your hands beneath the shoulders and the knees should be positioned under the hips. Next, extend your arms out and place your palms on the ground. Then gradually move your hips towards the heels and drop your head and chest down while also extending the arms out further. Maintain this position for between twenty and thirty seconds.
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Cat stretch

This stretching exercise will dynamically move your lower back muscles in a couple of directions. The end result is that your contracted muscles will become longer and the sore feeling in your back will recede. Start by assuming the children’s pose. Make sure that your spine is parallel to the floor and then, rounding your back, stretch the middle part of your back like a cat stretches when rounding its back. All you need to do now is maintain this position for five seconds after which you can relax. At the same time, allow your stomach to fall down in a gentle manner. Hold this new position for five seconds and then repeat the same exercise again for about thirty seconds, or longer.

Twisting the lower back

Twisting your lower back helps to not only stretch the lower back but it also allows you to stretch the glutes, which normally tighten up because of your lower back problem. In this stretching exercise, you have to lie on your back. Next, bend your knees and keep the feet flat on the ground. Now, take your arms and extend them in a T position. Make sure that the shoulders remain on the ground and then in a gentle manner roll the knees to one side. Assume this position for between twenty and thirty seconds after which you can return to the starting position. Repeat this stretching exercise for the other side. This stretching exercise provides very quick results as well as maximum relief from the pain you are feeling. These are three of the most effective stretching exercises that can do wonders for your lower back pain.

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