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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Things you can do for Stronger, Healthier Bones

Your bones will rarely fail when you are young. They are very important since they provide support to your overall body. As age comes, they get weak, and you can get diseases like osteoporosis.
The problems women have at a later age can be prevented when you are young. Here are some things you can do for stronger, healthier bones (women). You will be surprised at how easy it is to do something for your bones before it is too late.

It is all about Calcium
When we are talking about your bones, it is all about calcium. Among other functions in your body, calcium is the mineral which forms bones. Calcium is essential to keep women’s bones strong. If you eat enough calcium throughout your life, you will have no issues with your bones at a later age.

Some things you can eat are milk and its derivatives like yogurt and cheese. You must also add collard greens like spinach to your diet. If you do not eat any of these on a regular basis, check on what you are eating and modify your habits. It is not too late to have a healthy lifestyle.

Also, add Vitamin D

Calcium alone will not be very useful if you don’t have vitamin D too. You need this vitamin to absorb calcium. Otherwise, it does nothing to your body and is eliminated as quickly as it enters your body. Without vitamin D, you can experience lower back pain and other bone issues as you age.

To add vitamin D to your diet, eat orange juice, cereals, eggs yolks, and fish. Some excellent sources of vitamin D are sardines and tuna. 
Meat can also be a great source of vitamin D, but you should eat it in moderation.

Risk Factors
Genetics plays a big part in your bone’s health. People who have antecedents of osteoporosis are at a higher risk to develop the condition. Pay particular attention if there is anybody in your family (grandparents, parents, aunts or uncles) that has developed the disease. In such case, the best is to prevent as early as possible with calcium and vitamin D to get at an older age with a healthy bone constitution.
As you age, there are other risk factors you should prevent to avoid further problems. Especially when you get older, you should beware of dehydration at all costs. It is the one thing that will cause you unbalance and can affect your overall health.

You should also find the opportunity to engage in activities to de-stress. If you are stressed, it can have grave consequences to your health.