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Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow Say Goodbye to Your Lower Back or Neck Pain

Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow  Say Goodbye to Your Lower Back or Neck Pain
If you are suffering from chronic lower back or neck pain, then, you probably know by now how it feels to go to bed or sit down only to experience severe discomfort most of the time. These pains can easily transform your good old comfortable furniture into the most uncomfortable place to be.

A possible remedy for people who suffer from pain in their neck and lower back is the use of furniture made from memory foam. It is not a secret that memory foam mattress and pillow can make you enjoy better sleep by making your bed more comfortable. In fact, these have now become more and more popular in many luxury hotels. In fact, you can even find these in cinema chairs to make the experience more enjoyable and comfortable than ever.

How Memory Foam Works and How It Helps Relieve Pain

Memory foam gets softer when the temperature increases. Since this is a type of insulating material, it is possible to increase the foam’s temperature in localized areas. When lying on memory foam, certain parts of your body are going to press into the foam compared to others. On conventional mattresses, this will only cause some pressure spots wherein your body will press into the material, causing you pressure sores and pain.

However, when you use a memory foam mattress, your body will heat the foam in areas where it presses the most into the foam. It will cause the foam to soften in these areas, letting your body sink in it at this point. After some time, the memory foam is going to mould itself to your body, which gives you overall support for all body parts.

Once the foam moulds itself around your entire body, there are going to be no localized pressure hot spots which can cause issues since the pressure becomes distributed throughout your body. Such an equalizing support across the body makes the experience even more comfortable, reducing the risks of additional soreness or pain.

What Inspired the Invention of Memory Foam?

During the early days of space program, NASA was required to come up with methods which can ensure the comfort of astronauts in periods of high deceleration and acceleration experienced during landing and takeoff to decrease the chances of blacking out. NASA developed memory foam to help in such situations through reducing the pressure points in the chairs of astronauts. However, NASA never really used memory foams in their spacecrafts since this gives off small quantities of toxic gas which can cause problems in air tight and confined spaces.
Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow  Say Goodbye to Your Lower Back or Neck Pain 1

Find the Best Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow to Address Your Neck Pain and Lower Back Pain

High quality memory foam mattress and pillow have become more affordable these days. Since there are now numerous options to choose from, it is recommended to experiment first to know which can suit your specific needs for reducing your lower back pain and neck pain. 

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