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Alternative solutions for lower back pain relief

“I can’t sleep, I can’t get moved freely or I can’t lie on my side”… All of this are part of our daily talks. Almost everyone suffers from some back pain. We will focus on ancient traditional medicine in this article to the best ways you can relieve it.

Yoga for lower back pain

There are a lot of Yoga body positions that help in relieving back pain as an example, the seated spinal twist position, standing forward fold with clasped hands and many other Yoga positions for lower back pain, neck pain or muscle strains.

Many of the acupuncturists believe that heavy loads don’t create back pain, it’s all about breathing!

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Alternative solutions for lower back pain relief - Yoga
Meditation, as recent medical researches show, help in decreasing sensitivity to pain at the long run by decreasing activity level of pain in the brain. By relaxing your muscles and release its tension, an effect of your brain to reduce pain without taking morphine.
World Health Organization (WHO) showed at its palliative care paper that deep breathing, distracting, music, imagining a calm scene and relaxation techniques help in relieving pain.

Some simple breathing exercises:

Sit down in a comfortable way, then put your right hand at the abdomen and the left on the chest, close your eyes or focus on one point and breathe as following, inhale air just in second but slowly by your nose then exhale air in longer time slowly (about 5-7 seconds) by your mouth and contract your abdominal muscles gently, repeat this exercise daily, anywhere and see the difference at the long term.

Stretching fo lower back pain

Stretching for lower back pain
Stretch your body with no pain on a flat surface, wearing comfortable clothes. Stretch slowly without defection, for about (20-30 seconds), repeats it daily.

Traditional Chinese medicine and relieving lower back pain:

Some recent researches assure that TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has relieving effects on back pain, using the theory of yin-yang and five-phase demonstrate the balancing mechanism of human body functions. Yin-yang theory, in its simplest way, talks about the reciprocity of matters defined in terms of yin and yang.
Yin and yang are opposite; repel each other and they are the origin of each other. They need each other to exist, if Yin is the blood, Yang represents activity (Qi).
The blood needs Qi to move and Qi needs blood to nourish. Qi is the vital energy or life force that permits the flow of blood in vessels. If the vessels are blocked, so no flow of the blood happens causing pain, and preventing this blocking remove pain. Pain may be caused by many external reasons, such as wind, cold humidity and heat.
Traditional Chinese medicine and relieving lower back pain
Acupuncture is a thin sterilized disposable needle put in Qi flow ways at specific locations along the human body, by highly qualified trainer, to maintain the flow of blood and prevent pain (blocking of the vessels that cause pain). Some papers told that these acupuncture techniques help the body to release neurochemicals such as endorphin, serotonin and corticosteroids, which reduce pain. Acupuncture course takes about 20-45 minutes, and lasts up to 10 sessions. The needle of acupuncture is thin-like-hair; up to 12 needles can be used at one session depending on the number of symptoms.
There are some side effects of acupunctures, like bleeding, feeling sick or faint, and sometimes pain at the place of needles. Everyone think to perform acupunctures must choose approved practitioner such as physiotherapist.  
Besides using acupunctures, there are many TCM ways to reduce back pain, deep breathing is one of these techniques, and breathing is Qi, as explained above. There are also many ways to prevent pain like managing good balanced diet, using acupunctures and avoiding drugs as long as exercising, aerobics, regular moving and stretching to keep the muscles strong and reduce loads on back.

Swedish massage, Shiatsu and reflexology to help lower back pain

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is a type of therapeutic massage that helps in relieving back pain. A typical session of this massage takes about 80-90 minutes to get good results. The session starts with lubricating body by massage oil; this oil is organic plant oil such as almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel and grapeseed oil. Then the therapist makes several stroking movements, especially at the back or neck pain regions and makes targeted pressure on special tendons or muscles that are circular or cross-fibre and called friction. These targeted pressures hurt well and leave feel of relaxation.
Swedish massage, Shiatsu and reflexology to help lower back pain
Shiatsu is a specific type of massage, the word means finger pressure and it’s mostly suitable for neck and lower back pain. It gives a complete relaxation for body and mind. This technique has no side effects and no use of drugs.

It’s known as zone therapy, it based on pressure on specific zones and reflex areas on feet and hands, which reflects image of all the body parts.

Homeopathy, aromatherapy for lower back pain

Homeopathy is a type of medical philosophy which based on the idea that the body can treat itself. It can be explained by the expression “like cures like” and this means if somebody is ill because of specific substance, a very small amount and highly diluted of this substance can cure this patient, by promoting the body’s immune system. It, somehow, looks like vaccines.

Homeopathy is widely used in India, England and considered as safe at the United States of America in 1938. Although homeopathic medicines are available in many health stores, it’s important to take these medicines under supervision of doctors.
 Examples of homeopathic remedies, first Arnica Montana which is suitable for lower back pain especially in case of minor trauma caused from a fall or injury. Arnica leaves a feel of stiffness and sore in back muscles.
Second, Rhus toxicodendron, it is considered as a useful back pain relief mostly for a stiff back.
 Magnesia phosphorica (magnesium phosphate), is another homeopathic treatment for back pain relief, especially for back muscles cramps, it warms them, so it cause feeling better.
There are a lot of other homeopathic remedies that help in back pain relief, such as Ruta Graveolens, White bryony, Calcarea carbonica (oyster shell), Sepia and horse chestnut.
Homeopathy, aromatherapy for lower back pain

Aromatherapy a helping treatment for lower back pain

Aromatherapy is all about using aromatic plant oils for medical and spiritual uses; it was widely used by ancient Indians, Egyptians and Greek. Many studies proved that aromatherapy has a relaxing effect on muscles, by massaging the body with aromatic oils which improve blood flow and enhance the brain to secrete endorphins that is considered as a painkiller.
Aromatherapy can be used in combination with acupunctures to relief back pains. There are a lot of oils that used as Aromatherapeutic remedies, such as camomile oil, lavender oil, sweet marjoram, eucalyptus essential oil and Rosemary essential oil.
You can put one of these essential oils in your path and let your muscles enjoy feeling relax.