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All About Foot Massage and its Benefits

All About Foot Massage and its Benefits
Did you know that neurotransmitters are controlling each and every part of your body on your bare feet? In fact, there is a practice called reflexology that refers specifically on how to manipulate those nerves. It makes use of reflex points, which are related to different organs of your body. We have gathered together some advice about foot massage and benefits. You had never imagined what it can do for your health.

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Relieve Pain:

Foot massage can relieve all sorts of pain. Depending on the area, there is a different zone to be massaged. For example, for lower back pain, you can massage what is known as the spinal reflex. It is the lateral area of your foot between your toe and ankle. That will work wonders on your back and is going to relieve stress on your whole spine. There are other zones to relieve neck pain, headaches, and even migraine.

De-Stress with a Foot Massage:

After a full day, especially if you have had long walks, it is of the most importance to relax. Fatigue and stress are eliminated by massaging the foot. You can add the application of a warm essential oil. It will penetrate your skin and improve the results of the massage. Also,  you will prevent dehydration, which will promote healthy skin.
A foot massage will lower your blood pressure. As you get it, you will feel how you de-stress from your long day. It helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, which can cause problems in your life.

Women are the Most Benefited by a Foot Massage:
Women are the most benefited by a foot massage. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, make it a habit. Some of the good things about foot massage on women are:
  • In young women, a foot massage can alleviate the premenstrual syndrome pain.
  • For pregnant women, a foot massage can reduce swelling and its associated discomforts.
  • In middle-age women, foot massage will relieve menopause symptoms.
As you can see, there are benefits for women at all ages.

Other Benefits:

There are countless benefits of foot massage. Let’s just mention some other great things about it:
  • A foot massage can have a significant improvement of your blood’s circulation.
  • With foot massage, you get a better night of sleep.
  • It reduces depression.
  • You can improve your skin tone with a foot massage.
  • It reduces the symptoms of sclerosis multiple, cancer, diabetes, sinus, among other diseases.

People who have flat feet can also get the benefits of a foot massage. It can reduce the deterioration of the ankles, which is the result of the lack of an arch. If you have an injury, it can help too.

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