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Lower Back Pain : Frequently Asked Questions

Lower Back Pain : Frequently Asked Questions

 It is possible that you or someone in your family is part of the huge group of people who suffer this disease. It is terrible, because although this pain can be the result of an accident or an inherited disease, other times the habits of the day to day gradually make us join to a list of patients that suffer the lower back pain.

 This is why we wanted to compile a serie of knowledge that will surely help to give you tools and ideas about how to relieve pain, which may be the particular cause of this ailment, with which the lower back pain can be associated, among other things. But first, be sure to be in a comfortable place and a proper posture, we do not want reading this article to increase or to aggravate that pain.

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What are the most common causes?

The first cause of lower back pain is work. If you stay in the same position for a long time or if you work in a place where you frequently lift heavy objects, be careful.

Is lower back pain inherited?
Lower back pain itself cannot be inherited. However, some diseases increase the possibilities of suffering from this issue, and those are inherited. If members of your family are likely to suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis, there is a possibility that you have a genetic predisposition to develop them and eventually get lower back pain.

Who is at most risk of getting lower back pain?
Old people and pregnant women are at most risk of getting lower back pain. Aging wears the intervertebral discs and causes this pain. During pregnancy, it is a typical symptom because the body is not used to carry those extra pounds.

What may be the connection between low back pain and other body aches?
In many cases, this pain can be associated with other problems, such as pelvic pain, hip bursitis, hip pain, and even testicle pain (just for men).

Can pelvic pain cause lower back pain?
An inadequate rotation of the pelvis may be reasons for this problem, even causing inflammation in the affected area.

Can hip pain cause the lower back pain?
These issues combined are typical. It usually occurs when we perform a wrong movement, and the muscle stretches so much that generates significant pain. In such cases, it is just a muscle sprain and is not serious.

How to treat hip bursitis when it generates lower back pain?
In milder cases, hip bursitis can be treated with therapies and anti-inflammatories. But if it is serious, you should get surgery. If you visit the doctor on time, you will not get to such extremes.

Can testicle pain cause the lower back pain ?
If gentlemen have back pain and their testicles hurt, it can happen that this pain radiates from other areas. The problem may be kidney stones or a hernia. This kind of pain is dangerous, and you should visit a doctor immediately.

How do you know if your low back pain is a muscular issue?
In case you have a hectic pace of life, and suffer frequent back pains in the morning, it might be a muscular problem.

How can you relieve low back pain when it is a muscular issue?
You can reduce muscular low back pain by stretching, or with a massage on the affected area.

How do you know if your low back pain is coming from your bones or another organ?
If it is a pain that occurs more at night and is not relieved with stretching, it may be the result of another organ or a bone issue.

How do you know if your low back pain is related to a more severe disease?
When your low back pain is not alone, it may come from a more severe disease. The most common additional symptoms are a pain in other parts of the body, difficulty walking or sitting and leg pain.

How do you link lower back pain with fibromyalgia?
If you experience a localized pain, plus exhaustion even when waking up, it can be fibromyalgia.

What type of disease would you have if you experience lower back pain, psoriasis, redness in the eyes, and at some cases diarrhea?
With those symptoms, you may have inflammatory arthritis.

What type of disease would you have if you experience lower back pain, high fever, chills, nausea, and vomiting?
Those symptoms can be associated with kidney pain. In extreme situations, this is known as pyelonephritis consisting of sudden pain in the lower lumbar area.

How to eliminate lower back pain?
To reduce lower back pain, put an end to those habits that worsen it. Just make sure you have a good posture at all times. Perform activities that help relaxation and strengthening of your muscles and bones. Eat multivitamin supplements that contain minerals like calcium and Vitamin D.

Why is it important to eliminate low back pain?
Reduce low back pain to avoid more serious consequences on your bones and joints. You will also help in the prevention of some chronic diseases.

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