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Importance of Knowing the Causes of Lower Back Pain

Importance of Knowing the Causes of Lower Back Pain

causes of lower back pain

Most cases of low back pain are produced through a combination of
 overuse, strain, injury to the muscles, ligaments and other structures that support the spine. A lot of experts have affirmed that if muscle strain is present for a long period of time, it will result to a complete imbalance of spinal structures. Consequently, there will be constant tension on the muscles and ligaments which will make the back susceptible to injury.

 The low back hurting causes will tend to supplement with one another. For instance, when you have a strained muscle, chances are you will walk or move in a different way to stay away from pain. This will cause other muscles to be strained also.

 One of the most common causes of low back pain is the pressure on the nerve roots located in the spinal canal. This compression can be brought about by a lot of reasons. One of which is herniated disc. This is most often caused by recurrent vibration or movement or because of a sudden strain that is heavy on the lower back.

 Another cause of nerve root compression which can lead to low back hurting is the disease called osteoarthritis. This usually develops with age and when it affects the facet joints situated in the spine, back pain will result. Vertebral defects which will permit one vertebra to slide over the other vertebra will most likely aggravate low back hurting.

 Narrowing of the spinal canal which is termed as spinal stenosis can also produce back pain. Furthermore, kidney infections and stones are usually associated with low back hurting. In order to confirm this, urine analysis and diagnostic ultrasound can be used. Meanwhile, pregnancy can often lead to back pain because of the mechanical stress which has been placed on the lumbar spine. This is also due to baby's positioning inside your womb.

 There are also uncommon causes of low back hurting. These will include Paget's disease, pelvic infection or bleeding, infection of the spinal bone, shingles and aneurysm of the aorta. Paget's disease has an unknown cause wherein the formation of bone is out of proportion with the bone remodeling in a normal manner.

 As a result, localized bone pain will be felt which could radiate to the lower extremities. Bear in mind that your state of mind has also an impact on the level of pain and will determine whether it will turn out to be lasting.

 Chronic low back pain can also be present in individuals who are depressed, unhappy, under due stress and those who would like to be compensated with money due to an injury.