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Dealing with low back pain and having the correct mindset

Dealing with low back pain and having the correct mindset

Tensions, stress, and bad positions can cause the low back pain. But this frequent pain can be solved with natural alternatives that you can put into practice in a simple way. If the cause of back pain is not serious and are more attributed to the stress and the mindset, these ideas will work. However, do not hesitate to know the advice of specialists.

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Stress is more than just a word

First of all, stress is not a cool word to describe how busy we are. In fact, at present and thanks to the existing studies, it is possible to affirm that stress is a factor that increases the risk of suffering pains in the area. This tends to alter the state of the nerves that facilitate the functioning of the muscles, causing the formation of contractures.

 The lower back is subject to a constant stress that, although in the short term does not generate any type of pain, can lead to numerous muscular contractures induced by the nervous tension. The stress causes the nerves to be more rigid and these, in turn, in this state, contract the muscles and compress the vertebrae. Also, stress, by a mere psychological question, can dispose us negatively to the pain, assuming that we will never be able to get rid of it.

Keeping your mind clear

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First of all, do not kill yourself overworking, remember that health is always first. However, you can work a lot and not being stressed all the time so make sure you find something that you can be passionate about. If that is not possible, you will need to work a lot in your mind. You need to increase your emotional intelligence by any means, especially with books and audiobooks of personal growth.

 You can start by erasing bad and negative thoughts, smiling more, being thankful and avoid complaining. All those simple tips will help you to reduce stress and to gain mental strength to reduce low back pain. Start with simple thanksgiving habits starting the day, look yourself in the mirror and smile, say empowerment mantras such as “I am unstoppable” and so on.

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Physical activity equal to mental health

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In addition to being effective in preventing low back pain, regular physical activity can help control stress and reduce its impact. It can be as simple as getting used to walking on some daily trips instead of always taking a means of transport, or climbing a few floors daily, instead of always using the elevator.

 If possible, it is advisable to practice some aerobic sports, such as running or swimming. 20 or 30 minutes on alternate days are beginning to make an appreciable difference. Physical activity will release dopamine and reduce cortisol helping you to release bad thoughts and making you happy, so it goes hand to hand with a clear mindset.