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Stretching Hamstrings : Optimism for Low Back Pain Suffering

Stretching Hamstrings : Optimism for Low Back Pain Suffering

Just take the first step, you will reach your goals. Persons that suffer from chronic low back pain, can do things they only dream of. In fact, conditions will certainly improve by stretching their hamstrings.

But what are the hamstrings ?  They are muscles located along the back of the thighs, starting at the bottom of the pelvis to the back of the knee.

hamstrings - LBC lower back center

stretching your hamstrings

The problem is when hamstrings are tight, they cause a continuous downward pull on the pelvis. Because the pelvis gives support to the lower back and spine, tight hamstrings aids the problems associated with low back pains and create a greater chance for sprains and strains.

During a recent study in an article I read, reference was made to a chiropractic service, in which an estimation of at least 80 percent of patients treated with low back pain had tight hamstrings. So, it is necessary to know when you have tight hamstrings. How can you do that ? Lie flat on the floor while a friend raise one of your legs. The idea is to keep your leg as relaxed as possible and don't use your own muscles to lift your leg.

hamstrings stretching - lower back center LBC

During the check, your leg should raise to 90 degrees off the floor without any tightness, if you do feel strain then you should stretch.

Movements create positive changes in your physical, emotional and mental state. One way you can stretch the hamstrings is to sit in the hurdler's stretch: tuck one leg behind the buttock, and the other flat-out on the floor in front of you, lean forward slightly until a stretch is felt in the hamstrings. Another method of stretching the hamstrings is to tuck one leg resting it on the inner thigh of the other outstretched leg.

Remember to keep your back straight, and stretch no farther than what is comfortable for you, if you feel pain ease back into your comfort zone. Another idea is to use a towel around one outstretched foot, and hold onto both ends using both hands. Remember to always stretch both sides and breathe while stretching.

The best way to control low back pain is to stretch your hamstrings after a good walk or perhaps a jog. It is recommended to get your blood circulating through the muscles before stretching, then alternate legs continuously for at least 5 minutes each day.
walking before stretching - lower back center LBC
It is possible for people with chronic low back pain to note huge improvement after stretching daily for 1-3 months. Even if you don't have a lower back problem stretching is a good preventive medicine.

If you suffer from this kind of pain, just remember there is no struggle if you know how to find strength. Of course, the information given in this article is for chronic low back pain. If you have acute pain, the stretching exercises are not recommended, we would rather suggest visiting a doctor.

We have now discussed on stretching and low back pain. I think with this information many will find low back pain relief, or perhaps even a cure.