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Improve and tonify your low back with sport and exercise

 Low back pain is a common problem these days, especially in the youngsters. The major cause of this problem is extensive sitting and standing in the bad posture. In case the issue is not treated on time, it might lead to severe back problems in the future.

 However, the good news, in this case, is with the right exercise and guidance you can treat this lower back pain. So here are some of the exercises that will help you out.

exercise for low back pain

Stretch hamstrings in supine position

 In this position, you will have to lie on the back. Then bend the knee of right side towards the chest. Now adjust a strap so that it will be on the ball of the foot. Now pull your leg straight that the lower side of your foot will face the ceiling. Now you have to press out with your heels.

Improve and tonify your low back with sport and exercise

  In case you feel strained on the back then you should bend the knee of the left side as well as adjust the foot on the floor. Make this position for 3 to 5 minutes and then relax and repeat with the other leg.

Strengthen Gluteus Maximus

 In order to strengthen Gluteus Maximus, you will have to lie down on your stomach. Place your legs or hips through the end of the table. Now you have to maintain the spine in the neutral position and tighten the hip of one side and conduct leg extension such that it will face the ceiling. Conduct this movement slowly and properly. 

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Lower back center - stength gluteus maximus

  A few things that you have to take care of:
 - Maintain this position for 5 seconds
 - There should be 4 to 10 repeats on a single side
 - Do the exercise single time in a day
 - Repeat the procedure 4 to 5 times in a week with some rest days

Double knee twist

 To begin the exercise you have to lie on the back and bend the knees towards the chest. Place you arms into the T position. Keep exhaling and at the same time place your knees towards your right side on the ground. Make sure that the shoulders are pressing on the ground. In case the shoulder on the left side is lifting then you must lower the knees from the right side. On each side, keep this position for at least 1 to 2 minutes.


 For this exercise, you have to lie on the stomach and then lift your body on the forearms. Make sure that the elbows are under the shoulders. Now press the ground with your palms and feet. Now you have to press the pubic bone a little forward. 

Lower back pain - yoga sphynx

 You might feel a little sensation in the lower back but do not stop and keep breathing. Maintain the posture for 1 to 3 minutes.

 So with these simple training sessions, you can relieve your lower back pain.

Make sure to maintain a healthy posture for a better future.  
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