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The expectation of every married woman after the glamorous event (wedding) is the most precious gift ( i.e having a baby). Inexperience might choose to play its part on the couples while having their first pregnancy or perhaps second or third issue. 
It is definitely a worrisome issue; if not a serious one for a woman of just a few weeks of pregnancy to start having lower back pain. Some women might even ask rhetorically, how horrible it is to have pregnancy due to the intense or mild pain experienced during this period. Least I forgot, aches and pains during pregnancy are common and can make you worried when you don't know if it is normal or not. Well, if there is no bleeding associated with the pain; then it is probably normal. Although, it can be extremely painful if you have a prior history of lower back pain.
lower back pain during early pregnancy 1

Are you scared to death of possible miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, Are you feeling as if you were being hit by a locomotive train due to your back pain, do you feel really bad pain and felt the pain goes into your buttock and down your legs or are you having an interrupted sleep due to lower back pain? If yes; the good news is that as the pain gets more hurt on you, all necessary information you ever needed for pain relief can be a source from this special article writing for women with lower back pain in their early week of pregnancy.
Who Is Prone To Lower Back Pain?
Not surprisingly, you are most likely to have lower back pain if you have had this kind of pain before, either before you got pregnant or during a previous pregnancy. You are also at higher risk if you have a sedentary lifestyle, are not very flexible, and have a weak back and abdominal muscles. A pregnant woman with twins or more has a great opportunity of serious lower back pain.
What Does It Mean To Have Back Pain During Pregnancy? 
Pain in the back during pregnancy occurs around the lumbar vertebra in the lower back, above the body at the front of the pelvic. You will probably feel pain in the lower back, maybe if you had such experience before or during your pregnancy. Sometimes, you feel it is over and all of a sudden; the pain surface again. 

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Midlife can be one of the most stressful stages of life. Whether you are married or have little children or an empty nester, this stage of life can be very demanding in relation to what we have encountered in our early life and that yet to happened. 

Pertaining life and its challenges, pain remains one of those we experience as human beings; regardless of our age, status or nature. This is an inevitable fact that we have to go through. Often they say, pain is part of life. Truly, it is!

women aging lower back center 1
While some of the pains can be natural, some occur due to various activities such as lifting and carrying heavy objects, sleeping on hard mattresses, ligaments tearing or twisting, powerful exercises, hormonal factors variation are often cited to explain why women are major victims of chronic pain.
It is not a story anymore that woman at the age of 40 is approaching a part of life where all seriousness and attention should be given to her health. The reason is that at this phase of life, they juggling many things together. At this stage, the cells must be worn and need repair. Thus, causes must pain they encounter. 40s years are an important way to repair the previous mistake in lifestyle and get your weight within normal limits.
The lower back pain may be mild, moderate or severe. Mild pain can be a secondary pain in the muscles or spasm of the spine. It turns out that it is around 40 years old, women begin to feel general pain which they may suffer from recurrent related stress disorder such as thigh fasciitis and tennis elbow, bursitis, hip bursitis, leg cramps, and lower back pain mechanically inclined to the surface. However, we do what we can at this time of the workforce to maintain muscle mass. 
Recently, reports show that chronic lower back pain was significantly increased to 6.8% with low back pain history followed by active treatment in woman. They became afraid to move and begin to anticipate pain and avoid activities. Probably, you should know that such fear makes your muscles weak and tight; in turns makes you more sensitive to pain. Perhaps, you may not be aware that it is safe to move, even if you initially feel the pain. Exercise increases blood flow to the back, which nourishes the joints and muscles while eliminating the destructive waste of the inflammatory product. Exercise resistance, such as interval training or weight training is very important at this stage of life. If you can endure the pain as a woman to go through this article, you might as well be doing yourself good in understanding the cause of your lower back pain and how to effectively manage it.

6 Possible Conditions That Can Cause Back Pain In Women After 40

Tailbone pain
women aging lower back center 2
 A relatively rare cause of chronic back pain in women in the age of 40 is the tailbone pain which makes sitting painful. Your pain may occur gradually or suddenly after a contact in the area at the end of the spine. The tailbone is often sensitive to touch. Thus sitting on anything that puts pressure on the area hurts. Constipation increases pain, but the pain decreases after discharge from the bowel. Tailbone pain affects women of all ages, but 40 is the average age of the beginning. It usually disappears within a few weeks or months, but can become chronic and affect daily life, restricting from running or bending without experience deep pain.

Thinning of the Bones 

women aging lower back center 3When the spine's bone is broken by bone compression, it is called compression fracture. Break usually occurs at the front of the spine, where the bone is before the collapse. The back of the bones is usually unchanged. Compression greatly affects the spine from sneezing to falling, which in turn can lead to sudden and severe back pain. Women are almost likely people to have compression fractures. Indeed, thinning fractures are caused by osteoporosis, and women are much more likely to have osteoporosis.

Body Slipped
women aging lower back center 4
 Bodies of the spine slipped when one of the lumbar vertebrae moves forward to the underneath. Movement of the vertebrae can irritate nearby nerves root, causing pain in the lower back. Symptoms may include pain or weakness in the legs for prolonged standing or walking. Pain can be serious enough to limit your daily activity. The condition is much more common in women than men. It is more likely to develop when they are 40 or older. Weakness associated with age of joints and ligaments makes it difficult for the spine to stay aligned.

Rheumatoid Condition
women aging lower back center 5
 Muscle pain, stiffness and tiredness are often known as soft spots areas experiencing more pain. Since the condition has an effect on the muscles, joints and bones, you may experience pain in the upper and lower back. Symptoms may disappear for some time and then reappear without a clear reason; even in a new area within the back. If you suffer from rheumatoid disease, you may have other conditions such as arthritis, depression and irritable column syndrome.

Thigh Nerves Pain

women aging lower back center 6
This part of the muscle stabilizes the hip joint and makes other movements possible through thigh rotation. The condition occurs when muscles deep in the lower buttocks get weak and push toward the thigh nerve. 

Pressure on the thigh nerves causes pain, stiffness and sting down to the back bone. Other common symptoms include drowsy pain in the buttocks, pain when climbing stairs or climbing the hill. 

Joint Dysfunction
 A part of the pelvic joint has a crucial role as a shock absorber between the upper body and pelvic. But the failure of the pelvic joint to absorb the pain as a result of joint dysfunction triggers an intense pain in the lower back joint. It is a condition that affects the bone wedge formed by five condensed vertebrae forming posterior part of your pelvis; connected to the lumbar vertebra. Other symptoms include pain on one side of the buttock and the lower back that radiates the lower leg. Pain usually worsens after standing for a long time, bending or climbing the stairs. It is more likely to occur in middle-aged woman.

What Happen To Your Bones After 40s?
It's an era in which the bones become thinner. In fact, one of two women over the age of 50 will experience a fracture associated with osteoporosis in their life. 
- Arthritis affects the joints and cause pain in the backbone and is common in women over age 50. 
- One of the most common reasons for back pain in woman is muscle or ligament strain. It affects all ages and is caused by strenuous lifting of heavy objects. 
- Herniated disk is a disk in the backbone projected into nerves in the spinal canal causing the pain in the legs to increase. 
- Stenosis spine is the narrowing of the spinal canal which can cause severe back pain, common in a woman over the age of 60. 
- Compression fractures can occur when osteoporotic bone thinning affects the vertebrae. This is common for women of 60 and over.

Causes of Both Mild and Severe Lower Back Pain in Woman After 40:
Prolonged sitting or standing in improper position while travelling or working in front of computer or at desk, sleeping on hard mattress, tear or sprain of ligaments, tear or sprain of paravertebral muscles, pregnancy, obesity, stress - physical or emotional, manual work - lifting and carrying heavy object, paravertebral or spinal abscess, spinal tumor, epidural or spinal hematoma.

Manual Back Pain Treatment
Awareness of chronic illness is the first step toward an early treatment to relieve pain and prevent the problem from getting worse. Before starting any type of treatment, important to see a specialist to develop the treatment for your condition and history of the disease. The most common treatment approaches:

- Heat Or Ice
Application of a cold pack or heating pad on the spot of the lower back pain that hurt can help suppress low back pain effect. The two alternative works. Base on your body condition and the available material. The choice is really yours.

- Manual Manipulation
This manual treatment can be applied by the qualified physician to relieve lower back pain by reducing pressure on a sensitive area of the body.

- Massage Treatment
It is thought that massage therapy improves blood circulation and reduces muscular stiffness. If you need or want a massage, you can choose between 80 massage therapy styles with a wide range of pressure, movement and technique applied on your lower back.

women aging lower back center 7
- Exercise
Fitness means being able to perform physical activity. It also means having energy and strength to feel better. You can improve your health by doing exercising programs for back and physical pain. Therapy typically includes a combination of strengthening, stretching and low-impact aerobic exercise.

- Yoga therapy
Relax your mind and then consider physical and mental health benefits available from practicing yoga.

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The prospect of healthy eating most likely goes through your head twelve times each day. It makes you truly question that grilled cheddar sandwich or the three level chocolate and butterscotch cake that you helpfully ate up while watching your eating routine arrangement fly ideal out of the window. 
lower back pain center - ideal diet 1
The greater part of us lead lives where we've been subtly sucked into a food routine and are urgently attempting to hook out of it. In the midst of various way of life issues to manage, we have a tendency to overlook or disregard granny's basic cure of eating crisp, regular delivery. 
What's so unique about eating foods that are in season? They have twice as much flavor, that additional crunch and are greatly high on vitamins, minerals, and other fundamental nutrients. 

Summer orientation includes a considerable measure of green vegetables, melons, peaches, corn, mangoes and other crisp and fragrant herbs. Neighborhood markets are getting it done amid summer when natural products are copious, and vegetables are as crisp as anyone might imagine. 
Devouring foods that are not in the season may accompany a danger of chemicals and additives that are connected to products of the soil to keep them new. 
The following are a few foods which can help your diet this summer:

Salad leaves 
lower back center pain - ideal diet 2Amaranth leaves, rocket leaves, basil, and other summer herbs ought to be prepared in a salad bowl and finished off with a yogurt dressing to make an awesome summer salad. They make a power place of nourishment and are an extraordinary approach to get thinner. Bung in organic products, nuts, white meat, peppers, mint or coriander leaves to make a light and exquisite feast. 

Nothing says summer like new sweet corn. What's more, did you realize that two cancer prevention agents—lutein and zeaxanthin—in corn may act like normal shades, framing macular color that channels out a portion of the sun are harming beams? It's valid.
Similar cell reinforcements may likewise help bring down your danger of creating age-related macular degeneration the main source of visual impairment in individuals beyond the age 60 (however a significant part of the harm happens decades earlier). 

Iced Coffee
An iced pick me-up is an incredible approach to begin your summer mornings.  Better yet: drinking a single cup of coffee daily may lower your risk of developing skin cancer. In one study of more than 93,000 women, published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, those who drank one cup of caffeinated coffee a day reduced their risk of developing nonmelanoma skin cancer by about 10 percent. And the more they drank—up to about 6 cups or so per day—the lower their risk. Decaf didn’t seem to offer the same protection.

Tart Cherries 
 They convey a large group of medical benefits. You may have heard that drinking tart cherry juice can enable you to show signs of improvement night's rest and subdue post-exercise torment (read more about that here). In any case, did you realize that mixes in tart fruits may likewise enable you to thin down and get less fatty?
At the point when researchers at the University of Michigan Health System put rats on a high-fat eating routine supplemented with either a tart-cherry powder (equivalent to 1% of the heaviness of their aggregate eating regimen) or a similar number of calories from sugar, those that got the cherry powder put on less weight and muscle to fat quotients. Why? The anthocyanins in tart fruits actuate a particle that enables rev up fat consuming and decline to fat stockpiling.

 There’s no question that sunscreen ought to be your first line of safeguard against the blasting summer sun. However, eating tomatoes could give you some additional assurance: expending more lycopene—the carotenoid that makes tomatoes red—may shield your skin from sunburn. In one examination, members who were presented to UV light had right around 50 percent less skin blushing after they ate 2 1/2 tablespoons of tomato glue (or drank around 1 2/some carrot squeeze day by day), notwithstanding their normal eating routine, for 10 to 12 weeks. Supplements, be that as it may, weren't as compelling: in a similar report, the individuals who got a lycopene supplement or engineered lycopene weren't fundamentally ensured against sunburn.

Watermelon Juice
 Watermelon is around 90 percent water, so it's without a doubt an ideal approach to keep yourself hydrated. It assists with assimilation and keeps the stomach cool.
"Eating watermelon can help shield skin from oxidative anxiety that adds to the maturing procedure, clear up skin break out and light up a dull appearance," says Niharika. She suggests a glass of super cold watermelon juice daily.

Iced Tea 
Of course, a tall glass of iced tea on a hot day impact strength and vitality. Studies had shown that drinking tea frequently; you may bring down your danger of Alzheimer's and diabetes. In addition to having more advantageous teeth and gums and more grounded bones. Tea is rich in a class of cell reinforcements called flavonoids. Despite the assortment dark, green, white or home grew augment, the energy of tea's flavonoids by drinking it crisply prepared. On the off chance that you need to keep a cluster of cold tea in your icebox, "include a little lemon juice. The citrus extract and vitamin C in that crush of lemon or lime or orange help protect the flavonoids.

Aam Panna 
Two glasses of aam panna can help with absorption, obstruction and incessant stomach issues like Irritable bowel disorder (IBS). Make it at home to guarantee the utilization of suggested quantities of sugar and salt. 

Mint water with lemon
One glass of stressed mint water with two drops of lemon works wonders. It goes about as a liver chemical, supports your digestion and aids those with a low appetite. 

Barley Water
Have two glasses per day and on the off chance that you think that it’s bland, include a drop of lemon or nectar for taste. Since grain water is rich in fiber, it anticipates blockage and furthermore helps in controlling your appetite.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Chronic lower back pain has a way of radically changing a person’s life. For some, the most difficult period of their life emerge when they can no longer do things connected to their identity (loss of a job, not being able to participate in sports or hobbies). Often we allow our emotions determine who we are and what we do and this I know; in most cases, our emotion leads us astray. 

However, self-confidence is not inherent, it is conceived. Having a positive taught or belief about yourself has a long way to go in determining what nature offers you in return. People with bad condition had assisted themselves through their taught in building courage out of nothing. Many amused ‘I can’t really help myself’; so they die. What a pity! What about you? 

Generally, pain triggers negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression and loss of feelings affirmed to others. On the other hand, increasing negative emotions and other factors may tend to increase our pain. Some lose the desire to continue to fight the pain and fear of the future as a result of intense feeling. How much more lower back pain? It distorts our perceptions about lives itself, our attachments and past achievements. Having such pain, we develop problem seeking help, and perhaps even convince that our loved ones would be better off if they were not filled with our problems. 

The good news is having lower back pain and sense of feeling is a blessing while thinking right is the foundation to positive feeling; as positive feeling brings out the best in you. Social psychologists have found self-confidence to be correlated with other psychological variables within individuals dealing with pain. You can do so by taking control of your life and taking control of your self-confidence. 

Take concrete steps to psychologically adjust your feelings and emotions, such as physical, mental work, nutrition, relationships with others, take responsibility, not appointing fault e.t.c
Self-confidence fosters two desirable consequences for an individual.  One is the generation of positive feeling about the self.  The second is the influence upon one's interpersonal relationships.


1# Physical Fitness Exercise

There may be nothing more important to reduce pain and increase body function than physical fitness. Obviously, it improves not only the pain that often accompanies anxiety and depression but the hurts first. Initially it is better to take the pain pill and stretch the sensation but in the long run, which is best, you feel better and more confidence when you engage in physical fitness training. Although, wrong exercises can increase a lot of pain, and most patients require slow and gradual increase in activities to avoid overstating and falling. You do need advice on this and make sure you are doing it with those who love you.

2# Self-comprehension

Ignorance of a situation kills faster than the consequence of that situation itself. The ability of an individual to specifically understand their situation is the richness and trustworthiness of the information required to build self-confidence while having lower back pain. Self-comprehension grants the person ability to interact with health specialist without fear of any response from such expert.

3# Staying Active
It is true that patients who have something better to do don’t seem to hurt as much as those that are idle. The idea is that empty life is full of pain. 

4# Interpersonal support
The most important part of building self-confidence while being challenged with pain in the lower back is the amount of respect, acceptance and care obtain form other important persons. During acute pain, you must have loved ones who are friendly and helpful. As the pain becomes chronic, it seems whatever they will do is evil, but keeping them close is a big relief on it own. It seems that the best answer to all those who love you is to accept that the pain is real, you cannot remove it, and you are not sick and should not be treated as a child. They may assist paying attention to you by inviting you to a movie or picnic call. 

5# Filter what you hear
Be selective about what you listen to because it can improve or worsen your scenario. Successes bring recognition, status,  and a  position in  the world  in which  one lives.  Listening to success stories of those who have accompanied relief ignited the hope in you of getting better.  If the event is highly valued, then success enhances self-confidence.

6# Be determine
Never have you forgotten the values and aspirations you dreamt of while you are free from pain. Pain can be so cruel to steal your aspiration away.  Be focus and determine. 
7# Mutual Assist 

There may be nothing so devastating in life like chronic pain. It makes you feel like no one truly understands you anymore. That’s not true. There are several groups of people with chronic pain that provide education and support to concern individual. They definitely understand your pain, they have it too and can provide a great deal of education to patients and families about pain, how to deal with it, and various treatments for it.

In conclusion, to be able to develop and defend one's self-confidence while having pain reduces anxiety and helps to maintain personal equilibrium, and sense of worth despite devaluation. Thus, respectful, accepting and concerned treatment from significant others and history of successes helps responding better to pain.

suffering from lower back pain
Pain regarded by the brain being important will definitely amplify, and those who think it is of no consequence will be lessened in effect. Pain may cause emotional distress and vice versa. Let’s come to think of it, nothing is worse than stagnancy or restriction in this world.
Perhaps, the most pathetic aspect is having all artillery to proceed or move freely; yet involuntarily you cannot just move. Such is a case of lower back pain. The pain and emotional distress from such aliments deprived ones of enjoying the free gift of nature ‘movement’; as stress makes any condition worse.
It is not a story anymore but the bitter truth that injury related to lower back pain often comes with a significant negative impact on a person’s psychological health. This is so because of the depression and anxiety caused by being in chronic pain, having reduced range of motion and because it causes sufferers to isolate themselves away from friends and loved ones. 
Although, most physician care and conditions have a remedy, the fact that many of these remedies for lower back pain had prolonged and painful recovery time. Thus, induce psychological effects that cause prolonged pain, but they invariably affect it.
Often, if these already existing psychological attitudes have abnormalities in regulating the chemistry of your brain and the normal functioning of the brain in emotional control, anxiety and disruption of attention. So you cannot control your fear; you can become worried; you expect the worst, and you cannot concentrate on anything else.

anxiety stress change of mood lower back pain

In addition to the obvious factors such as anxiety, stress and depression, other effects include perception impairment, feelings, and thoughts. The worse you think your pain will be, the worse it feels.

Change of Mood
This can have a profound impact on your mood and almost every other part of your life. "Chronic pain is something that hampers every aspect of everyday life, you cannot concentrate, cannot remember things and even influence the manner at which you relate with others.

Loss of Appetite
loss of appetite lower back painBeing emotionally traumatized can drastically affect your feeding mood. Not like before when you feed on anything of your desire, you will be asked to restrict yourself from some kind on food taught to contribute to the negative feeling. It affects your appetite, it affects your sleep. 

Pain Persistent 
Psychologically, pain persists even when the illness or injury that initiated it has healed because of the chronic metal adjustment. It takes time before readjusting back to the normal state of feeling or health being. 


fear lower back center We see people who have serious health problems and severe pains well-preserved work, play and socializing, while others see less pathology, whose life seems to care and appear to have stop living. 

Loss of Confidence
loss of confidence lower back centerA person’s confidence in his/her own strength and abilities is also important. Feeling competent makes it easier by having a better quality of life than having this sentiment of the lack of self-confidence.

over dependent lower back centerNegative Taught 

For most people, back pain is only a minor disruption that occurs from time to time, holds in for a few days and then disappears. For others, there is no pain in the rest.

However, when the pain becomes chronic, it goes far beyond the physical sensation. It can also affect your feelings. Back pain can become a black hole for all the blows of life. If the back pain is better, everything will be better.
As such, those living with lower back pain may wish to incorporate massage therapy into their overall treatment plan. Psychologically, massage has the effect of inducing the brain to produce chemicals (endorphins and other hormones) that will promote emotional stability. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Suffering from lower back pain could hassle you once attempting to sleep in the dead of night. No position permits you to sleep while not feeling pain, particularly once stricken by acute lower back pain, maybe with spasms and some inflammation.

How to get relief?
For acute lower back pain, you'll have to be compelled to take some measures to induce relief and minimize it. The very first thing before lying down is to use associate ice put on your lower back for about twenty minutes. Next, to get rid of the inflammation, you should use safe remedies that can facilitate dealing with not only inflammation but additionally spasms and any pain that you just are enduring as well. Taking turmeric or Boswellia or perhaps ginger will facilitate cope with the inflammation and spasms. Thirdly, it is sensible to carefully do some gentle stretching exercises. This helps to ease the spasms and it additionally permits your body to remain free from any injury. Try but avoid creating movements which will stress your livid tissues.
Chronic and acute pain

Intensity differs from acute to chronic. Once stricken by chronic lower back pain, your back may hurt less once you adopt a resting position that doesn't place any stress on your back. However, in each case, the most effective sleeping position is when your body takes a perfect posture which suits the natural spine curve. The most right position, the vertebrae must be correctly positioned without the need of any further adjustment. 

The minimum of lower back stress possible...
As for most effective sleeping position, make sure you just assume an edge that puts the smallest amount of stress on your back. In addition, it is sensible to assume a sleeping position with the proper alignment position. The correct position can facilitate and accelerate tissue repair and so heal fast. 
Of course, you must try to do stretching exercises with a lower cost of irritation. This will give a positive signal to the nerve system that you just take a secure action that will secure pain and spasm.

What about accessories?
Some accessories like lumbar pillows and support cushions are each terribly beneficial, as they help the alignment of your spine. By using them, you will certainly not feel any painful spasms facilitating the relax of the muscles in your lower back. Once the spine rests normally, the nerve system will stop send/receive any message that the muscles are in trouble getting into a spasm which are the signs of a painful irritation.
By minimizing the inflammation progressively, the pain will tend to dissipate and so, say hello for a better peaceful sleep.
The best way for a prompt healing process

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Lower back pain is the aching or distress felt at the bottom of the spine at an area called the lumbar spine. This part of the spine is responsible for supporting most of the weight of a person’s body. About eight out of every ten people suffer from lower back pain. Furthermore, it is also the primary reason why so many people miss work. The good news is that there are many useful ways of treating the condition.

How does the condition arise?
Whenever a muscle in the spine or the bones or the discs and tendons close to the lumbar region become damaged, one will start experiencing lower back pain. The best way to identify the cause of your lower back pain is by looking for everyday symptoms. A person who suffers from lower back pain may feel a dull ache or he or she might experience muscle spasms. The affected area will also feel sore and the pain may move down the legs or to the groin or buttock or even the upper thigh. Other symptoms of lower back pain include stiffness and not being able to move freely.

What are the main causes?
The main causes of lower back pain include a strained ligament or muscle tissue. The condition is also caused by spinal stenosis or by skeletal abnormalities. Other common causes include degeneration of the discs in the spine. An infection that affects the vertebrae can also cause lower back pain as too can any traumatic injury. Other than these causes, you can also include certain health issues, osteoporosis, arthritis as well as fibromyalgia and kidney stones. People who live sedentary lives and who do not exercise enough are also prone to developing the condition. Obesity can also cause lower back pain as too can a pregnancy.

How to treat the condition?
There are several different ways to treat the condition including surgery, non-surgical options as well as exercising and medications. It all depends on your symptoms and your medical history as well as physical state. If the condition is not very serious then it can be managed by taking over-the-counter medications. Applying ice packs and heating pads can also provide relief from the problem.
There are times when the lower back pain cannot be treated without using a marginally intrusive treatment. This is the case when a patient is suffering from a herniated disc or when the vertebrae are fractured and also because of a serious complication. In such cases, your doctor might recommend discectomy or fusion-based surgeries. If the doctor recommends discectomy then the surgeon will have to remove the ruptured disc portions while leaving any area not directly affected untouched. When performing a discectomy the surgeon will need to use an endoscope to guide the procedure.

If the doctor recommends fusion-based surgery then the broken vertebrae or slipped disc fragments will have to be removed and bone-bridges as well as spacers will need to be inserted. This helps the vertebrae to fuse properly.

If you suffer from lower back pain then it makes sense for you to talk to a spine specialist. They are the best people to diagnose and treat your condition. If the condition can be treated by medication then the doctor may recommend that course of action. Otherwise, there are other options available like doing yoga or exercising.

What causes lower back pain?

Lower back pain affects about four out of every five Americans. It would not be an exaggeration to say that almost everyone has had to deal with this condition at some point of time in his or her lives. Lower back pain generally begins in the rib cage, which is also known as the lumbar region. The pain that you experience can be very intense and is one of the main reasons why people miss work.

Pain may or may not subside with time
The good news is that lower back pain subsides after a certain period of time. However, if it persists then you will need to treat the condition. This condition often occurs after you have lifted a heavy object or have twisted your spine when lifting something. Lower back pain also occurs whenever you make a sudden movement that puts too much stress on the lower back. Another reason why people suffer pain in their lower back region is because of their poor postures. Finally, the condition also occurs because of a sports related injury. When playing a sport that involves much twisting, there is a greater risk of developing pain in the lower back.

Mechanical issues
It is safe to say that lower back pain occurs mainly because of a mechanical issue or it can also be attributed to an injury to the soft tissues. Another possible cause is a damaged intervertebral disc. Compressed nerve roots and the wrong movement of the spinal joints are other causes of the condition.

Most common cause
The most common cause however is when you pull your muscle or ligament or tear a muscle or ligament. Lower back pain can occur all of a sudden or it may develop gradually because of certain repetitive movements. Whenever you stretch a muscle beyond its capacity you may end up tearing the muscle and this can, besides damaging the muscle, also result in lower back pain.

Heavy objects
People who lift heavy objects or who twist their spines also are more likely to suffer from lower back pain. Any sudden movement that places unwanted stress or strain on the lower back can also cause pain in the lower back.

Chronic lower back pain
If your lower back pain goes on for more than 3 months, then you are suffering from chronic lower back pain. This kind of condition normally occurs whenever there is a problem with the discs in your vertebrae or when there is a problem with your joints. It also occurs when a nerve root becomes irritated.

Less common causes
Among the lesser common causes of lower back pain, infections to the spine are also a reason for the condition. This is a rare cause, but if you do suffer lower back pain because of an infection in your spine, then the pain can be very severe and the condition can also turn life threatening when not treated. 

Tumors can also cause lower back pain. A spinal tumor may begin somewhere else in the body but it may spread to the spine. The reasons why the tumor spreads to the spine include breast cancer and prostate as well as kidney cancer. Last but not least, an autoimmune disease is also a possible cause of lower back pain.